WRAITHS is a harrowing death-ambient and blast-furnace power drone duo from Edinburgh, Scotland. After hearing the original WRAITHS 'Oriflamme' demos, Paradigms were keen to work a subsequent recording, which became 'Plaguebearer''. The searing soundtrack to desolate, nihilistic electronics through undulating sheets of ice cold atmosphere and claustrophobic dread. Haunting ritual evokation of all consuming, shape-shifting blackness. Electronic ritual in spectral tongue. Five tracks over fifty five minutes. Tracklist : Nihil Rex, Plaguebearer, Bone Flutes & Skull Drums, To Corrupt The Waters Of Lethe, Ghoulsong. WRAITHS reissued the 'Oriflamme' as a limited vinyl edition and have just released their new album 'Dust In Our Mouths' on Aurora Borealis.

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"Plaguebearer" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #13)
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Wraiths 'Plaguebearer' CD

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