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WOBURN HOUSE is Christian Kolf: Vocals, Guitars, Florian Toyka: Drums and Fabian Fabian: Bass. Formed in 2005 in Bonn, Germany, this power trio are the backbone of the vibrant Zeitgeister collective, also sharing members with Klabautamann, Island, Valborg, Gruenewald and most recently OWL.

Their take on leftfield extreme metal is exemplary, prolific and visionary; the two WOBURN HOUSE albums on Paradigms are a worthy testament to this, as they take their transcendental music to even greater heights. Beautifully crafted, adventurous and inspiring - this unique band are always tough to pin down. We can hear the forward thinking bliss of the finest European avantgarde metal from Katatonia to Alcest, epic songwriting around earthy, organic tones and the cascading, bass driven drift of classic early Lungfish whilst forging something that is singularly WOBURN HOUSE. A truly exciting proposition that amazes us more with each listen.

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"Message To Ourselves Outside The Dreaming Machine" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #10)
"Monstrous Manoeuvres In The Mushroom Maze" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #29)
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Woburn HouseWoburn House

Listen : WOBURN HOUSE "Transmitter (Edit)"

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Woburn House
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