WESTERING is the stark, modernist vision of Seattle's Bryan Thomas. A powerful, voidic journey through low-fi outsider black metal laced with cascading shoegaze and driving post punk. On the debut album "Help A Body", WESTERING construct a cold, urban dreamscape of isolationist black metal; pitch black ambience filtered through a haze of frozen bliss and driving rhythms and percussion that remind us of early Cure or Joy Division in part, cast by the mastering duties of Mell Dettmer (Sunn O)), Wolves In The Throne Room). But what makes WESTERING so special to our ears is the beautiful, melancholic songwriting that lingers just below the gloom.

A wonderful headphone experience for appreciators of Lifelover, Amesoeurs, Alcest and Swans, perhaps. WESTERING is currently writing and recording the as yet untitled follow-up album.

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"Help A Body" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #35)
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Listen : WESTERING "My Naked Hands"

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