VENA is a rather special band. Based in Oslo by way of Arendal, VENA came to be in 2006, founded by Benjamin and Kjersti Pyke through a connection of both music and heart. Their ideas became songs and the songs became VENA with the addition of Benjamin's brother Thomas on bass and later Martine Diesen on drums. With a great demo recorded, they began to work on their debut ep for Paradigms at various locations on the southern coast on Norway throughout 2010. Enlisting Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna to master the new songs, "Nomadic" was born.

Four luscious tracks of beautiful shoegazey, textured indie heaviness for appreciators of Cult Of Luna, Codeine and My Bloody Valentine, perhaps. The band has recently expanded into a quintet with the addition of Benjamin Markstein, whose noisy yet intricate guitar playing will be well suited to the VENA family. Now developing into a dynamic live proposition, VENA debuted at a special release show in April 2011 in their native Oslo and are currently writing new material.

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"Nomadic" CDEP (Paradigms Recordings #42, Christmas Eve 2010)
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Vena 'Nomadic' CDEP

Listen : VENA "Shadowlands"

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"Combining the slowmotion weariness of Codeine with the hazy, seraphic female vocals of My Bloody Valentine mean wet-behind-the-ears Norwegian combo VENA are already ticking all the right boxes, and with compositions this crisp and perfect it's somewhat staggering to learn that 'Nomadic' is their first release. While Kjersti Pyke's glacial tones take rightful pride of place they're not the be-all and end-all here, with the deft rhythm section and sorrowful guitar clangs all helping to edge towards a shimmering sense of tension that prevents 'Nomadic' from ever drifiting off into territory that's too soporific." Rocksound Magazine 8/10

"The love of mid-90's shoegazing comes to the fore on VENA's 'Nomadic', filled to the brim as it is with lush, slow-diving Cocteau Twins vibes and crystalline female vocals filtered through a Norwegian glacier." Zero Tolerance Magazine 5/6

"...More on the indie tip, but carrying some of the weary, journey-up-towards-the-light cast of Cult Of Luna, whose Magnus Lindberg provided mastering skills - and particularly Amenra on the opening Shadowlands - this Norwegian four piece are marked out by the wispy ice-cooled tones of vocalist Kjersti Pyke, sounding like The Cardigans' Nina Perrsson luxuriating in Rapunzel-like exile. Drifting over jangling, down-trodden minor key riffs, they may take Isis collaborators 27 and latter The Gathering as signposts, but their destination is far beyond the horizon." Metal Hammer Magazine UK 7/10

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