UTLAGR - meaning “outlaw” from the Old Norse and it is in the honor of Rolfr Utlagr, founder of Normandy, their ancestral fatherland, that the band was named. Pagan warhammers thunder over Vinnland. Blasting, epic black metal from the far off shores of Canada, fueled by pagan heritage. Their debut cd on Paradigms unleashed 6 stirring battle hymns of devastating black metal glory in the spirit of Immortal or early Satyricon. The band later signed with Sepulchral Productions in Canada and released their second album "1066: Blood And Iron In Hastings" to wide spread acclaim across the extreme metal underground. Sadly however, the band ended in October of 2010 with the death of founding member, Jacques Villiard.

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"Traditions Normandes" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #4)
sold out

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