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THRONE OF KATARSIS was spawned in 2003 in Norway by the demonic visions of Grimnisse and Vardalv. Their prophecy was and still is to craft purified and atmospheric occult Black Metal in the true vein of the early nineties Norwegian Black Metal. Their line-up is primitive, yet effective as a duo; Vardalv battering the drums and Grimnisse summoning the riffs.

"Unholy Holocaustwinds" was the band's demo recordings, officially released as Paradigms #3 in the Spring of 2006. Gloriously frosted Norwegian black metal, atmospherically textured, cold and grimm indeed. Masterfully recorded onto 4-track cassette including winter field recordings captured in the nocturnal gloom of Norway's Liarlund Forests. The THRONE OF KATARSIS message spread rapidly throughout the underground and the band signed to Candlelight Records shortly afterwards, with whom they have now released two blistering full length albums.

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"Unholy Holocaustwinds" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #3, March 2006)
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Throne Of Katarsis

Listen : THRONE OF KATARSIS "Symbols Of Winter"

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Throne Of Katarsis Throne Of Katarsis
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