the victim's shudder

THE VICTIM'S SHUUDER is a sublime, spectral duo from California, USA. "Terror Romance", released in 2008 as their Paradigms debut, is a beautifully isolating work; intoxicating and harrowing in equal measure. A vast, misted cathedral soundtrack of dark and light, resounding classical atmospheres of decadent horror and celestial female vocals, like a baroque tradgedy played out on 4AD Records or Cold Meat Industry.

Creepy, sonic grandeur. Highly recommended for appreciators of the aforementioned 4AD and Cold Meat Industry labels along with the pioneering dark ambient of Brighter Death Now and Raison D'Etre, perhaps.

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"Terror Romance" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #23)
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The Victim's Shudder

Listen : THE VICTIM'S SHUDDER "The Burning Temple"

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