the slaves

THE SLAVES are Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper and they hail from Portland, Oregon. This compelling duo craft a luscious haze of droning, psychedelic and haunting ambient pop soundscapes. Waves of warm, spectral synth, processed guitars and electronics perfectly layered with Barbara's pure, ethereal tones to almost spiritual effect. Pure and beautiful yet somber and melancholic, reminiscent of rich 4AD atmospheres, the misty lakeside mornings of Twin Peaks and a contemporary ambience like a totally blissed out Zola Jesus, perhaps.

Over the past few years the band have self released various cassettes and cdrs before signing to Paradigms Recordings in 2011. They are currently working on their follow-up album for Paradigms and will embark on a European tour in the Autumn of 2011 to coincide.

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"Grey Angel" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #48)
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The Slaves 'Grey Angel' CD

Listen : THE SLAVES "Visions"

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