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THE ANGELIC PROCESS - Formed in Macon, Georgia, United States in 1999 by Kris Angylus and Monica Henson, they spent eight years pioneering their own lava-flow metal. Dense waves of crushing warm ambient drone propelled into the glare of a dying sun. A constantly shifting sculpture of swarming, celestial dissonance and violent sonic beauty. THE ANGELIC PROCESS live was no less intense. Blasting noise, complex melodies, droning guitar resonance, rippling bass, tom-heavy tribal drums, and hauntingly emotional vocals collide to create violently ambient songs that have a definite shape and progression, but envelope the audience in warm, bombastic soundscapes.

But it wasn't until 2006, with the Paradigms release of THE ANGELIC PROCESS album "Coma Waering" that the band started to garner the critical attention that they deserved. "Coma Waering" is arguably the band's finest moment : 40 minutes of layered hyperkinetic eruptions and shimmering white noise from the same universe as My Bloody Valentine, Swans, Merzbow and Jesu. THE ANGELIC PROCESS later signed with the Profound Lore label to release their subsequent album "Weighing Souls With Sand", again to extensive praise. But as of October 2007, the band was put on hold indefinitely due to a severe hand injury sustained by Kris. Half a year later, on the 26th of April 2008, he sadly passed away.

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"Coma Waering" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #6)
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The Angelic Process

Listen : THE ANGELIC PROCESS "The Sun In Braids"

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The Angelic Process
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