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SOL / BLÓDTRÚ - a potent collaboration recording of Danish artist SOL and German artist BLÓDTRÚ. After heavyweight, acclaimed work on Germany's Ván Records and Det Germanske Folket, "Old Europa Death Chants" is a truly epic work of choral, folkloric and atmospheric doom over a mammoth seventy seven minutes. Finding an enclave somewhere between the claustrophobic mirk of Skepticism, the bleakness of Khanate, the driving rythymns of Godflesh and a heart of European neo-folk, this is one glorious, haunting and rewarding proposition.

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"Old Europa Death Chants" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #38)
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Sol / Blodtru

Listen : SOL / BLODTRU "The Dusk Of Man"

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Sol / Blodtru
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