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Formed in 2004 in Rouen, France, the PRÖN FLÅVÜRDIK experience nutured a mutual love of various musical currents both past and present ranging from the 70's English progressive tradition of King Crimson and Soft Machine and the repetitive minimalism of Steve Reich to the metallic drone of Earth whilst embracing the structural freedom of improv players such as John Zorn and his Naked City construct.

Live performances with artists such as Monno (Berlin, DE / Conspiracy Records), Polmo Polpo (Canada / Constellation Records) and The Enablers (USA / Neurot Records) followed before the trio morphed into a quintet, adding two jazz musicians on saxophone and sousaphone to their expanding sound. A crushing new recording entitled "Blåck Shåbbäth" was forged with this line-up before returning to a power trio for the "Opus 3 - The Motown Years" recordings, which are showcased here on this special Paradigms edition.

"Opus 3 - The Motown Years" - this latest composition is one serious trip over forty minutes, blasting Zorn inspired improv bleeds chaos which builds into a droning void through the power of the Riff, before launching into seriously heavy Goblin / John Carpenter horror territory. A rhythmic kraut rock percussive haze drives this beast forwards to the finale. Mammoth !!

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"Opus 3 - The Motown Years" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #47)
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Listen : PRÖN FLÅVÜRDIK "Opus 3 (Excerpt)"

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