While formed as a mystical folk duo, PLANTS have blossomed into a full fledged psychedelic band. The recently married musical partners, Joshua and Molly Blanchard, have expanded their sparse sound to include both mushroom laced chamber pop and shimmering instrumental soundscapes. In keeping with a continued spirit of family, the couple have added their nephew, Graeme Enkelis as their new bass player and cousin, Jesse Stevens on drums and flute.

The PLANTS family have a long and close knit relationship with the music community in their native state of Oregon. Molly is classically trained in medieval music and harpsichord as well as collaborating with groups like THE DECEMBERISTS and 31 KNOTS. Joshua has spent ten years crafting songs and hallucinatory electronic pieces with over a dozen projects, most notably in SKIN GRAFT records band, POINT LINE PLANE. Still, it's the whole band’s love of melodies both strange and familiar that allows them to embrace lush, 60’s inspired folk rock or long, mantra-like drones with equal enthusiasm.

"Double Infinity", the 2007 full length cd on Paradigms is the PLANTS' most ambitious undertaking yet. Opener "The Sky Above seeks the Below" is an expansive chasm of languid organs and twinkling piano clusters swelling up into a crescendo of vocal introspection and sparse, glistening folk drone space pop. The title track, is a twenty minute Kraut Rock odyssey packed with fuzz guitar, bongo hypnotics, electric harpsichord, and driving strings. The album closes with the arcane folk madrigal "Gnostic Flame", an open ended acoustic bewitchment that serves well as a coda to this enchanting, celestial album.

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"Double Infinity" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #12)
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"...I’ll conclude with some words about DOUBLE INFINITY, an exquisitely beautiful album by Oregon band Plants that I’ve had for months. Plants’ music is acoustic based and full of trippy Harmonium and ‘Wümme’ piano epiphanies, and doesn’t really remind me of anything other than Popol Vuh’s most devotional period around the LPs HOSIANNA MANTRA and SELIGPREISUNGEN, a feeling backed up by such song titles as ‘The Sky Above You Seek Below’ and ‘Gnostic Flame’. That said, Plants’ sound is far more glacial and motionless than Popol Vuh, its keyboards and acoustic guitar summoning up a clean Nordic clarity that makes me wanna wear an overcoat even in a warm bedroom." - Julian Cope / Head Heritage, January 2008

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