Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003, OWLFOOD is Thommy Saraceno, Anna Saraceno and Michael Hutcherson. Having self-released an acclaimed selection on cdrs and cassettes including the epic "Black Optics" ep and a split cassette with San Francisco's sonic terrorists, Al Qaeda on Obeast Tapes, Paradigms is proud to introduce the band as part of our label family.

OWLFOOD contributed the haunting "Her Face Looks Like A Skull" track to our very own "Death Aesthetics" compilation back in 2009 and now we're pleased to document pretty much all the work of this spectral collective in a carefully currated, self titled album on Paradigms; bringing together a rich kaleidoscope of hypnotic mantras; totally psyched droning songcraft, outsider folk, subdued electronics and cosmic mysticism channelled into blissed out, reverberating melodies and melancholy.

OWLFOOD are currently completing a selection of new recordings too but until then, bask in the flickering glow that is "Owlfood"; a truly affecting, involving and powerful opus.

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"Owlfood" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #50)
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Owlfood 'Owlfood' CD

Listen : OWLFOOD "10.14.35"

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Owlfood Owlfood
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