ORPHEUS is a rather unique entity in the English avantgarde metal hinterland, formed in 2006 by vocalist/guitarist and main songwriter, James Young, and drummer and co-songwriter, Thomas Vallely. Their expansive debut, "Philosopher Of The Sublime", heralds the coming of a new, valiant force in the vibrant leftfied metal underground. An epic journey steeped in vast atmospherics and medieval romanticism, with it’s heart in the past and it’s eyes fixed firmly on the stars.

ORPHEUS conjure a staggering concept for appreciators of ‘Hammerheart’ era Bathory, Borknagar, Forefather and the like, with a distinctly unique ambience and an expansive soundtrack vision which hints at influences from further afield, be it textured post-rock to Dead Can Dance. An intoxcicating, powerful and organically pure debut masterwork

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"Philosopher Of The Sublime" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #36)
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Listen : ORPHEUS "To Resolve The Enigma Of Defeat"

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