Now this is one seriously nihilistic behemoth right here. MOURNER, from Nashville, Tennessee, conduct a ceremony of cold, despotic doom concrète, crushing in it's heaviness and chilling in it's ambience. For reference, MOURNER recall fellow abstract doom brethren, Khanate, whilst adding a more atmospheric approach with the addition of field recordings, drones, tape looks and echoplex alongside the traditional band dynamic.

Formed back in 2008 by members of Nashville's other almighty doom coven, LOSS (on Profound Lore Records), the band realised their first ritual during the Samhain of that year, recording in analogue straight to sixteen track tape. Completing the oeuvre is the monolithic "Death Posture"", the opener to the band's Paradigms Recordings debut - a haunting forty minute soundtrack of downtuned, glacially slow blackness, laced with witch-rasping vocal incantations, death march percussion and a fog of foreboding dread. Isolationist funeral doom has rarely sounded so claustrophobic, epic, beautiful and harrowing all at the same time. MOURNER are a monumental document of misery for appreciators of Burning Witch and the aforementioned Khanate, whilst dragging it's own unique and heavy path through the oppressive mirk.

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"Still" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #40)
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Mourner 'Still' CD

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