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LEFT SENSORY BYPASS is collective constellation from El Cerrito, California, formed in 2005 and dedicated to the construct of incomparable musical forms. "Temporal Exclusion" is the debut seven track album from this shadowy gentleman's club and serves as an inquisitive foray into psychologically loaded spaces; the creaking of shadows, and darkened hallways. A pluralistic lexicon of numinous compositional practice, Gnostic implication, and sonic processions.

These sinister sounds radiate from a core of two enigmatic musicians, Kris Berry and Ronald Aveling, with a revolving circle of guests including the percussion genius here of Secret Chiefs, John Zorn and Xiu Xiu collaborator Ches Smith. Uneasy listening for appreciators of Ulver, Guapo, Magma, Fantomas and the like. Truly spellbinding and magical.

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"Temporal Exclusion" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #15)
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Left Sensory Bypass

Listen : LEFT SENSORY BYPASS "The Golden Treasury Of Fiendish Plans"

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Left Sensory Bypass
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