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KRÜGERS MEDBRAGTE are a rather individual young quintet from Ålesund in Norway.

"...with their equally phonetically baffling debut album, "Den Sindsyge Broders Bøn", but hell, music is a Universal Language. So i’ll reduce it down to fifty six minutes of acoustic doom and pseudo-tango. It’s all lovely and wooden – crash boom klanged out on upright bass, guitar, saw, banjo, accordion and the bandoneón, the South American tango concertina of choice. All instrumental, in a deliciously odd cabaret kind of way, like Yann Tierson steeping in glutinous Nordic liquer, or Tom Waits’ "Swordfishtrombones" carved from dry timber instead of rusted scrap. It’s decidedly tobacco warm and gloriously dark, smeared in smoke and scorned love and dust like a Norwegian Jesse James soundtrack. Dark and black, and mahogany red as blood in the moonlit forest. Chamber music for ghost towns. Lovely stuff..."

Thanks to CowsAreJustFood blog for this write-up. They caputured the essence of KRÜGERS MEDBRAGTE perfectly so our words are not necessary. Onwards, since the release of "Den Sindsyge Broders Bøn", the band have been busy contributing instrumentation to Paradigms favourites HEXVESSEL and their debut album "Dawnbearer" as well as recording the second KRÜGERS MEDBRAGTE album, introducing a smokey jazz singer to their collapsing death-folk-tango. Quite spectacular.

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"Den Sindsyge Broders Bon" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #34)
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Krugers Medbragte

Listen : KRÜGERS MEDBRAGTE "Berlin 1919"

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Krugers Medbragte Krugers Medbragte Krugers Medbragte
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