JARBOE (also known as the Living Jarboe) is an American singer, songwriter, and keyboardist from New Orleans and currency residing in Atlanta, Georgia..

JARBOE is a solo artist who came to prominence in the mid-1980s with the New York City based group Swans. With founder Michael Gira, the duo was the core of Swans until the group broke up in 1998. JARBOE continues to release numerous solo albums and collaborations, including Jesu, Byla and Neurosis in recent years. Paradigms has been privileged to work with her on a couple of a occasions, firstly introducing her shamanic 'Sweet Meat Love And Holy Cult' collective for the stunning "Seerless" seven inch vinyl and most recently on "The Path" soundtrack collaboration with Kris Force of Amber Asylum for the boutique Tale Of Tales video game of the same name.

Coming to rock and experimental music from a complex, fascinating background (both her parents were FBI agents; her upbringing in the South included such elements of extreme American religious faith as snake-handling ceremonies; and before her direct involvement in music she participated in “unorthodox sex work,” to use her own words, in various U.S. cities), JARBOE, who has always preferred to be known by her sole name, has long been known as one of the fiercest spirits in modern music. She is an intelligent and aggressive artist possessed of striking musical skill who has rejected the music industry’s all-too-easy stereotyping and exploitation to create shockingly powerful visions. Helping strongly in this is her one-of-a-kind vocal talent, ranging from emotive blues/gospel tones to wild shrieking, matching excellently with her wide-ranging preference in musical styles.

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"Seeress" 7 inch Vinyl (Paradigms Recordings #8)
"The Path" Jarboe & Kris Force CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #37)
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Jarboe 'Seeress' VinylJarboe Force 'The Path' CD

Listen : FORCE / JARBOE "Forest Theme"

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