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The HÖHLENMUSIK ENSEMBLE is an electronic / electro-acoustic jazz collective based in Stuttgart, Germany around the prolific band leader, Daniel Vujanic. Drawing on an international array of leading artists including Berlin composer Heiner Stillz and Tokyo avantgardist Yoshihiro Kikuchi, the HÖHLENMUSIK ENSEMBLE evoke a rich, experimental wash of modern composition, drawing comparision to such dynamic units as Norway's Jaga Jazzist, Supersilent, Isotope 217, Tortoise, Alice Coltrane and on occasion, the lush strings of David Axelrod, perhaps.

This vital sextet fuse percussion, vibraphone, oboe, bouble bass, clarinet, tenor and baritone sax, flute, violin, viola, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, rhodes piano, glockenspeil, melodica, thumb piano, stylophone and accordion alongside electronics, found-sounds and voice into a sonorus tapestry of astral jazz on their self titled debut, which is now available on Paradigms Recordings. Totally beyond! Daniel Vujanic is also well known for various other bold musical entities, including the beautifully off-kilter electronica / avant pop of Baja and also Graves And Orchestra Pits, who have recently released their debut on Utech Records. Also watch out for Daniel Vujanic's IXTAR project, coming to Paradigms this Summer!

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"Höhlenmusik Ensemble" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #45)
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höhlenmusik ensemble


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Höhlenmusik Ensemble
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