From the ashes of dark ambient pioneers HLIDORF came HJARNIDAUDI, the brain child of Norwegian cosmic sonic adventurer, Vidar Ermesjø. The debut release "Pain:Noise:March" was issued on Paradigms in early 2006. Forty two minutes of thundering drone reverberations, propelled into endless voids by warm layers of suffocating astral funeral doom. Colossal, epic, mind-altering power. {Points of reference : Klaus Schulze, suffocating funeral doom, Jesu, Esoteric}.

"Pain:Noise:March" was reinterpreted in 2008 by the ill majesty of Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING) who added a vocal element to a whole reworking of the original release like an obsessed monk en-trance. This was then released by Avantgarde Records in Italy. HJARNIDAUDI completed a second full length album, "Psyko:Stare:Void" in 2009, however the original "Pain:Noise:March" recordings surely remain the definitive HJARNIDAUDI experience.

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"Pain:Noise:March" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #2, February 2006)
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Listen : HJARNIDAUDI "Pain"

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