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This ever growing project is the collaboration of a self-taught multi instrumentalist and composer from the Ukraine and a spoken world poet from Alabama, USA. This is HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY. Already garnering wide international underground acclaim from a selection of rather celestial, self released EPs, "Conjoined" sees the duo treading a darker path. Dense waves of beautifully epic guitar driven melancholic shimmer are haunted by Matt Finney's introspective prose and delivery throughout.

A very unique and powerful creative pairing, effortlessly transcending the band's so-called "doom-gaze" tag. Reference can be made to such artists as Nadja and The Angelic Process, who's heavy drift can be felt as influence here, but "Conjoined" embraces a heavy ambience that is all it's own. The visual element is key to much of HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY's work and the atmospheres have been perfectly captured by the video work of Freddie Lloyd, who's interpretation of "Conjoined" track "Under God's Heaven" can be seen below. Paradigms Recordings will release the follow-up album, "Ain't No Night" in the Summer of 2011. Highly anticipated and rather special.

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"Ain't No Night" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #49)
"Conjoined" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #46)
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heinali and matt finneyheinali and matt finney

Listen : HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY "Ain't No Night"

Listen : HEINALI AND MATT FINNEY "Under God's Heaven"

heinali and matt finney - ain't no night video

heinali and matt finney - under god's heaven video

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heinali and matt finney
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