heart in mouth

HEART IN MOUTH is an immense one man sonic concept with it's roots in Basse-Normandie. Vast, beautiful cosmic French electronica / prog isolationism, deep tones and rich textured cathedrals of sound. Almost choral in places, epic and bombastic with chiming bells and pulsing tones to dark, glacial ambient electronica that is pure astral. Hints of classic European avant-prog (Magma, Univers Zero) are subtely apparent throughout too.

The debut recording, “The Bigger Picture” is a great triumph in modern composition; inspiring, emotional and provocative to the senses; reminding us of Ulver or the wonderful Bel Canto in places (and then obviously following on to Biosphere) - it’s dark, spiraling melodies and intricate instrumentation send our minds to far off places and shivers down our spines. Delightful and trancendental

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"The Bigger Picture" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #31)
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Heart In Mouth

Listen : HEART IN MOUTH "Fallen Angels And Rising Apes"

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