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GREAT FALLS come from Seattle, WA. GREAT FALLS is Demian Johnston and Shane Mehling. "Fontanelle" is their debut album and it's out now on Paradigms Recordings. And DAMN, if it isn't one truly mammoth beast. A feral child of angular, pulverising noiserock from distinguished stock indeed. We're talking ex-members of Kiss It Goodbye and Playing Enemy here, so the pedigree speaks for itself. Ryan McKenny of TRAP THEM also contributes vocals and lyrics to the album.

Mathematical heaviness prevails throughout the industrial beauty of GREAT FALLS, with moments of atmospheric light between the claustrophobic bleakness. Intelligent, calculated walls of black sound with nods to The Jesus Lizard, Godflesh, The Austerity Program, Shellac and other such noise pioneers. Colossal.

Demian is also a rather skilled artist and illustrator and runs the wonderful Dead Accents label, which alongside releasing his own solo work has been responsible for some highly desireable editions from Mamiffer, Trap Them, Tiny Vipers, Horseback and Everlovely Lightningheart, amongst others...

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"Fontanelle" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #44)
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Great Falls

Listen : GREAT FALLS "Another Starving Excuse"

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