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GNAW THEIR TONGUES is a devastating Dutch (Drachten, Friesland) one-man experimental / drone / noise / black metal audio experience conceived in 2005 by Mories. Mories also weilds further horrors through the outlets of DE MAGIA VETERUM, OPHIUCHUS, POMPDIOU and ADERLATING. After a series of self released cdrs, GNAW THEIR TONGUES released "Reeking, Pained And Shuddering" on Paradigms in 2007.

Harrowing, apocalyptic bestial ritual music from the deepest, darkest cellars of the Netherlands. Avant black metal, agonising funeral doom and blackened experimental drone noise stab forth again and again until all the blood is spilt and total carnage is all that remains. Pure dread put to music. Recommended for disturbed folk into Abruptum, Khanate, Axis Of Perdition, Swans and Univers Zero. "Reeking, Pained And Shuddering" is sold out and has been unavailable for some time. Most recently, GNAW THEIR TONGUES signed with Candlelight Records to release the latest unsettling masterpiece, "L'Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante".

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"Reeking, Pained And Shuddering" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #16)
Sold Out
Gnaw Their Tongues

Listen : GNAW THEIR TONGUES "Utter Futility Of Creation"

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Gnaw Their Tongues Gnaw Their Tongues Gnaw Their Tongues
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