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"THE PATH" is the rather wonderful, errie horror computer game developed by boutique studio Tale Of Tales. When commissioning the soundtrack for this project they turned to the prolific KRIS FORCE and JARBOE. Kris is well known for her San Francisco based, modern classic chamber quartet AMBER ASYLUM and for playing strings with NEUROSIS on many of their classic albums, while ex-Swans vocalist JARBOE, also a fellow Neurosis collaborator, needs no introduction here. The resulting soundtrack, released on Paradigms Recordings, compiles the music, narration and vocal compositions for this dark horror concept.

"The Path" is one hour of truly mesmerizing, disturbing, blackened fairy tale sonics. From the delicate songwriting to Jarboe's demonic, possessed rasp, all wrapped up in dense, suffocating atmospheres and harrowing stories, this is some of the most potent work from these two distinguished artists.

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"The Path" Deluxe Dig-Pak CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #37)
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Force / Jarboe

Listen : FORCE / JARBOE "Forest Theme"

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