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FOG IN THE SHELL come from Milan, Italy and the quintet features Graziano Barone (synths and organ), Adriano Fontaneto (computers and theremin), Luca Fontaneto (drums, guitars and vocals), Marco Guizzi (guitars, vocals and gamelan gong) and Nicola Zenone (bass).

"Private South" is the second FOG IN THE SHELL album, following the "Secret North" debut from way back in 2004. And what an awe-inspiring celestial wonder "Private South" is; organically fusing heavy “post-rock” textures with psyched kraut-rock sonics, beautifully crafted dynamic songwriting, pulsating synths, organs, theramin, gamelan gong and a touch of Thrill Jockey electronica. A truly marvelous work for appreciators of Cult Of Luna, Tortoise, Ulver and Tarantula Hawk, perhaps.

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"Private South" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #26)
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Fog In The Shell 'Private South'

Listen : FOG IN THE SHELL "Even If"

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