EKPYROSIS is one of the most exciting, essential new forces on the shadowy fringes of the Black Metal underground in recent years. Based in Germany, EKPYROSIS is essentially a mysterious one man project with strong ties to the Zeitgeister recording collective. Originally formed back in 1999, it wouldn't be until years later that the debut release from this cryptic entity would be recorded for and released by Paradigms.

One towering track over 32 minutes, "Mensch Aus Gold" is some of the most unique, challenging and engaging avant Black Metal we have heard in a long, long time. Rich, intelligent and evocative with an almost Teutonic post-punk feel of Xmal Deutschland in it’s atmopsheres, perhaps. At least, that’s what it sounds like to us...EKPYROSIS recently released their second album, entitled "Ein Ewiges Bild", an equally essential recording on the Zeitgeister label.

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"Mensch Aus Gold" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #24)
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Ekpyrosis 'Mensch Aus Gold' CD

Listen : EKPYROSIS "Mensch Aus Gold (Edit)"

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