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In 2006, Heimoth (SETH guitarist) and Kvohst (DHG, CODE, HEXVESSEL) loom the moors and found DECREPIT SPECTRE. In need of two other entities to shape what was to become the essence of their crude, violent and eerie artistic nature, they were both joined by the spirits of Cyriex (ASMODEE, SETH) and AORT (CODE, BLUTVIAL) to spread the seeds of the new rising spectre.

The Graveriders have released their already-cult debut Mini CD "Coal Black Hearses" through Paradigms Recordings : a limited digipack edition boosted by the apparition of Aldrahn (Thorns, DHG) on the development of the cadaverous scripture as well as the crafty Costin Chioreanu (Grave, Absu) to design the murky image of the cryptic band. In the meantime, the Graveriders' family vault is busy, working in the prospect of their next prophetic presentation. The tombs are open and it's time to bare your mind to the wild influences of DECREPIT SPECTRE's fantastic superstitions.

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"Coal Black Hearses" MCD (Paradigms Recordings #25)
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Decrepit Spectre

Listen : DECREPIT SPECTRE "Graverider"

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Decrepit Spectre
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