Based in Paris, France and formed in 2003, the BORGIA quartet delivers unique, evocative and oppressive Death Metal that is seldom heard these days. Pioneering dark art for practitioners of the hidden knowledge and for appreciators of classic occultist Morbid Angel, Akercocke, Immolation et al. Sinister genius is afoot.

BORGIA (Blasphemi Obsignati Resignaculo Germaninferorum In Aeternum) presents some of the most visionary, decadent and arcane blackened Death Metal of recent years; steeped in mystical influence based around the sickness and grandeur of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods of the European church and dictated into Latin, Spanish and French.

Having already recorded with Torje Stjerna (Watain, Funeral Mist, Ofermod), BORGIA recorded “Ecclesia” with Anorexia Nervosa’s Neb Xort. The resulting work is colossal, decadent dark art. Sadly, the BORGIA brotherhood was disbanded early in 2011, however the rare document of true vangardist death metal genius that is "Ecclesia" remains pioneering and unparalleled.

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"Ecclesia" Deluxe Digi-Pak CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #32)
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Listen : BORGIA "Conquistadores"

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