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"Destruction Not Reformation" is the work of one man from Minneapolis, going by the name of BOOK OF SAND. Driven by an overtly vegan, anarchistic lifestyle, this filters uniquely into the very essence of BOOK OF SAND's outsider Black Metal to potent effect. But Black Metal is only used as a building block here to create vast cathedrals of intoxicating sound. Beautifully layered, this document is a truly visionary work made all the more otherworldly by the percussive death rattle of Gamelan drumming shrouded in atmospheric, hazy cello driven modern classical chamber black metal, the traditional Indonesian influences adding to it's grandiose scale.

Fine artist John Martin Bell was commissioned to paint the striking yet minimal cover artwork, which complement's the allure of the recordings within. Epic, celestial and truly unique listening for adventurous ears.

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"Destruction, Not Reformation" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #43)
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Book Of Sand

Listen : BOOK OF SAND "The Righteous Is The Enemy Of The Natural"

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