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BLUEPRINT HUMAN BEING was a young avantgarde / progressive quartet, formed in 2002 in Finland by Sami Harju (vocals, bass), Erno Taipale (guitars), Matti Minkkinen (guitars) and Marko Syvänen (drums). Fusing the heavy dynamics of a young King Crimson with the warm, glowing eccentricities of the early 1970's English progressive underground and the avant metal leanings of Fleurety and Ved Beuns Ende at their most kosmische. "Heaven Is All", the band's first and only release was issued on Paradigms in 2006. 30 minutes of heavy exploration and warped Finnish mind expansion.

THE BLUEPRINT HUMAN BEING lifespan was cut unfortunately short due to geographical issues but their adventurous spirit still burns strongly in the equally vanguard Garden Of Worm and Subaudition.

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"Heaven Is All" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #4)
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Blueprint Human Being

Listen : BLUEPRINT HUMAN BEING "Vojaganto"

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Blueprint Human Being
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