Aythis was brought to life in France by Carline Van Roos (Remembrance, Lethian Dreams) in 2006 as her channel for melancholic, neo-classical romanticism, dark ambient funeral harmonies and her ethereal voice. An alchemy of baroque soundscapes and haunting melodies played to themes of isolation, solitude and death. "Doppelganger", the enchanting debut work from Aythis was issued on Paradigms Recordings in 2007. Aythis followed with her second album "Glacia" on Prikosnovénie Records in 2009 and the third Aythis album "The New Earth" saw the light in the early Summer of 2011. Highly recommended for appreciators of Dead Can Dance, Elend, Arcana and the like.

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"Doppelganger" CD Album (Paradigms Recordings #18)
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Aythis 'Doppelganger' CD Cover

Listen : AYTHIS "Innermost Land"

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